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Product Description

Do you want to operate your own drive-in theater? Do you want a drive-in movie theater experience in your back yard?

If you answered yes to either one of these questions then you must read each word on this article and I’ll reveal how you can broadcast sound in cinematic quality to any FM radio within a 150 feet.



Now Showing…the Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0

Obviously… you found this page because you are looking for an FM transmitter to broadcast movie sound to FM radios.

So… let me tell you about the Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 and it’s unsurpassed flexibility and broadcast range.

This little black beauty can transmit sound 150 feet in all directions.

That’s right… 150 feet.

It has multiple powering options and it can broadcast over any public FM frequency.

Just Imagine the Nostalgia



In fact… many back yard theaters you’ll find will have a FM transmitter powering the sound and bringing it to the ears of movie goers.

And when you want ensure a high quality show, you can put your trust into a transmitter that is backed by unmatched promise and unsurpassed 120 day returns.

So you know it will work and work amazingly well.

Just imagine…the nostalgia that come flood back when you watch the movie on the outdoor movie screen.

And it’s all possible with our FM transmitter…

Pure Stereo Sound Quality and Amazing Range

light show

light show

Our FM transmitter broadcasts over 50 yards of football turf for maximum distance.

The Whole House is the furthest broadcasting FM transmitter on the market RIGHT NOW and meets all the stringent FCC rules and regulations on distance. Most companies just don’t deliver the kind of distance this FM Transmitter brings to the game… in fact, it embarrasses the competition in side-by-side distance tests.

Just plug your selected audio source into the FM transmitter and you’ll be able broadcast on any FM radio within 150 feet.

Other Important Features

110/220V AC Wall Adapter
12/24V DC Car Adapter
USB Power Cable
RCA Stereo Audio Cable
Stereo “Y” Cable
Stereo Audio Cable



Frequency Range: 88.0 ~ 108.0 in 0.1 MHz steps
Pre-emphasis: US and EU Pre-emphasis Options
Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 15KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >65dB
Audio Performance: 0.2% distortion
Stereo Separation: 40dB
Large Screen Interface: 1.34″ x 1.10″
Power Control: Mechanical Power Switch
Tuning Design: Stable PLL Technology
Dimensions: 4.1″ L, 2.7″ W, .9″ D
Weight (w/ antenna): 3.7 ounces
Transmission Signal: FM Stereo or FM Mono
FCC Part 15 ID: XOA WHFM3 Canada IC ID: 8728A-WHFM3



Improved Design Specs

About the Size of a Deck of Cards

The new Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 is about the size of a deck of cards. You can cradle it in the palm of your hand if you want.

It tucks neatly away and stays out of sight, so you can hide it behind your stereo and forget about it.

Stronger & More Durable Case

The all new sleek design is cast from a stronger plastic polymer to help safeguard against accidental drops and four screws keep critical components secured and in place.

Adjustable 6.5” Swivel Antenna

The new 6.5″ swivel SMA antenna adjusts and rotates for different reception angles, plus it’s unscrews for better storage. Constructed from wound wire and protected by a hard plastic shell, the helical antenna is sturdy and durable.

Large Digital Screen Display – Easily read what frequency you’re broadcasting on with the LCD screen display
Covers Full FM Band – You can transmit across the entire public FM band (88.1 to 107.9) on both even and odd frequencies
Adjustable 6.5” SMA helical antenna features a conducting wire wound tightly in the shape of helix, increasing efficiency without increasing your antenna size.
US/EU Pre-emphasis matches the emphasis to the FM radios in your region and reduces noise at higher frequencies

Price: $134.99
(as of Jul 05,2022 07:37:36 UTC – Details)

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Drive-in Theater FM Transmitter by Whole House FM


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