Cell Phone Signal Booster AT&T Signal Booster 4G LTE 5G Cell Phone Booster ATT T-Mobile Band12/17 Cell Network Extenders Signal Amplifier ATT Cellular Signal Booster for Home Boost Voice + Data


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signal boostersignal booster



✔ The Outdoor Panel -directional antenna captures cellular signal from direction of signal tower. Includes mounting hardware and connects to booster with 50ft 4D-FB coax cable.

✔ The Indoor amplifier boosts cell signal received from and sent back to the cell tower. Powered by a standard wall-outlet 12V AC power supply.

✔ The Indoor whip omni-directional antenna rebroadcasts boosted cellular signal to multiple mobile devices. Antenna connects directly to booster.

✔ increases voice, Data signal strength for all North American area

✔ Boost your AT&T TMobile 4G LTE Band 12/17 Cell Signal Inside your Home, Office, Basenment, Remote Area.

✔ Easy to set up , Solve your bad reception, Get Excellent cell signal service , Enjoy your Life !


1. obdator signal booster will only work with the correct frequency, so please make sure your phone signal is with the same frequency as the signal booster.

2.The outdoor antenna should receive 2-3 bars of stable signal in the location where the outdoor antenna is fixed; otherwise, the booster won’t work very well.

3.Keep the distance between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna more than 39ft and make sure that there is a proper physical separation between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna.

phone boosterphone booster


signal boostersignal booster

Boost 4G LTE Cell Phone SIgnal

The cell signal booster receives good and consistent cellular service 4G LTE 5G Signals for AT&T, T-moble, Staight Talk U.S. Cellular carrier. It can receive the signal from the signal tower, and then amplifier your mobile signal.

Reduce dropped&missed Calls

Boosts voice quality and data speed. The Users will experience faster data speeds, better voice quality, fewer dropped calls and superior streaming capability. allowing everyone to make crystal clear calls and enjoy uninterrupted data.

Widely Coverage

Supports Band12/17 4G LTE 5G AT&T, Cricket,US Cellular, T-Mobile for all North American Users. Get better cell signals for US carriers as AT&T, T-mobile inside any medium size home, cabin, building , office warehouse, etc. enhances the signal coverage area up to 4000 sq. ft.

signal boostersignal booster


Operation Frequency: Band 12/17

Frequency Range: Uplink:698MHz-716MHz,Downlink:728MHz-746MHz

Emission Designator: LTE(G7D)

AGC LEVEL: Uplink:-45.00 Downlink:-56.00

Gain:Uplink: 60±2dB Downlink:62±2dB

I/O Port: SMA-Female on Both ends

OutputPower: Uplink:17.70dBm Downlink:7.85dBm

Max.Antenna Gain: Uplink:8.1dBm Downlink:7.85dBm

FCC Classification: B2W/Wideband Consumer Booster(CMRS)

Package Content:

1 * ATT Signal booster

1 * Indoor Whip Antenna

1 * Outdoor Panel Antenna

1 * 50ft Coaxial Cable

1* 12V AC power adapter

4* Screws for Mounting

1 * English User Manual


How the obdator Cell Phone Signal Booster works

✔The outside Panel antenna reaches out to the cell tower to access voice and data signals.

✔The high gain signal repeater receives the outside signal from the outside antenna.

✔ The indoor signal booster amplifies the outside signal, and sends it to the inside antenna.

✔ The inside Whip antenna broadcasts the boosted signal to all cellular devices inside the home.


▶[ Say Goodbye To Dropped&Missed Calls ]- Cell phone signal booster at&t receives good and consistent signal, Boost cell phone service signals for 4G/LTE 5G AT&T, T Mobile, Cricket , U.S. Cellular carrier. ATT signal booster reduces dropped & missed calls, better cell phone voice quality. No more miss message and the verification code. You don’t need to go outside the house for a call any more.
▶ [Faster Network Data Speed ]- Cell Signal Booster kit can solve your poor network problem, it improves your 700Mhz 4G LTE 5G cell signal strength and enhances your 4G LTE 5G call quality.Fast uploads and downloads with 4G/LTE 5G internet . You can review the page online fluently. No more slow internet connections or long buffer times while watching your favorite streaming TV shows and movies.
▶[Coverage Up To 4000sq ft. ]- Cell phone signal amplifier supports cellular signal reception for up to 4000 square feet or up to 2-4 rooms. at&t signal booster 5g supports Multiple Devices and Users. Enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, and faster data speeds within its coverage area. ATT cell Phone signal booster can be applied in Basement, Home,Office, cabin, Garage, hotel, apartment, building, warehouse, metal housing or more.
▶ [Easy To Use] – Home cell signal booster kit includes everything you need to enhance cell phone signal coverage in your location – including cables, indoor and outdoor antennas and all hardware for installation. AT&T cell phone signal booster is easy to install. No other setup is required. Just connect cables and power – and it’s ready to go. Mobile Phone signal booster is backed by 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price: $138.00
(as of May 16,2022 21:13:40 UTC – Details)

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Cell Phone Signal Booster AT&T Signal Booster 4G LTE 5G Cell Phone Booster ATT T-Mobile Band12/17 Cell Network Extenders Signal Amplifier ATT Cellular Signal Booster for Home Boost Voice + Data


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