Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel Watch Information LEAKED on Video, Apple’s NEW Display Technology? & more! (video)


The official news today begin with Google and the Pixel 6 but, we’ll actually be mixing them with some leaks. Starting with the official part of them, a new report from Wave7 Research claims that the new Pixels are driving more carrier sales after the first month. According to their numbers, carriers reported anywhere between 3 to 5% of their sales being Pixels. According to Verizon, the new Pixels took 3% of their sales in October and 5% for December, AT&T saw 3% during both months and T-Mobile saw 2% in October and it grew to 3% for November. And of course, this doesn’t sound like a huge number but, Google has always been at 1-2% on other years so it’s good that things are starting to pick up, even if it’s a bit slow. And, moving on to the leaks, some strings in the Android 12L source code includes reference to the face recognition feature on the phone. It hints that the Pixel would be able to switch between fingerprint recognition and Face Unlock to open your smartphone. And the only phone with this capability so far could be the 6 series for whatever reason. Whatever the case may be, let’s hope it happens as the mode to only unlock your notifications really doesn’t work at all right now.

We have a new report from Digital Chat Station that reiterates on previous leaks and gives us new information on the specifications for the 10 Pro. It’ll reportedly get the same 6.7-inch LTPO AMOLED panel we got with the 9 Pro this year, including the punch hole in the upper left corner. The difference here is that the selfie shooter will be a 32MP sensor according to him. At the back we can expect a 48MP main sensor, a 50MP ultra wide and an 8MP 3X telephoto shooter like we did last year but, some of these might be new sensors so there could be some improvements. The leak also claims that wireless charging will go up to 50W and the wired one will go up to 80W which also goes along with other rumors hinting that the Find X4 Pro might match that. We’re expecting this phone to arrive some time in around the end of Q1 next year but, does any one else find it very weird that we haven’t seen any leaks for the regular model?

Moving on, let’s talk about Apple and rumors for their displays that have me a bit intrigued. We have a new report from Dylan who has a pretty neat track record, claiming that there are 3 LG-made Displays encased in unbranded enclosures for use as external monitors and early developments. He’s claiming that 2 of these have the same specifications as the leaked 27-inch iMac and the current 24-inch iMac. And we heard a couple of days ago that these might be coming in the Spring and early in the Summer from trusted sources. Apparently the other display seems to be an improved 32-inch Pro Display XDR and even if it isn’t branded we can assume that it will be an Apple Product. What has me intrigued is that there’s a reference to custom Silicon powering this 32 inch display, which the other 2 displays are lacking. But, Dylan claims that there’s a possibility that they might still bring custom silicon. Finally, the 32-inch and 27-inch monitors both seem to have miniLED displays and 120Hz variable refresh rate, which also goes along with that Ross Young report we covered yesterday. And it also lines up with that report we covered a while back where we would have a Pro Display XDR with Apple Silicon which I speculated would work as sort of an eGPU. I think if this happens it would be pretty cool, let’s see if it comes with a stand though.

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Google and the Pixel Watch. After months of silence, it looks like it’s picking up a bunch of steam as we get closer to the new year.. Now we have a new report from 9to5Google where their APK Insight team discovered a video within the files of a WearOS 3 emulator that show a variety of watch faces that are reportedly coming to the Pixel Watch. On the video we can see how the different faces would interact, where we can see different designs with several complications. There’s even a Fitbit one which means we can at least expect some features regarding that partnership which haven’t made it to the leaks. We can also see the similarity between these and what we got with Material You in the Pixel with very colorful and playful Watch Faces. Where it gets interesting is when we see a Watch Face that’s identical to the one Prosser shared in his renders months ago, meaning this Watch is happening and we can expect something very similar. And just as a quick recap, we’re expecting round bezel-less watch with a crown at the right, running WearOS 3.0 which was announced back at Google I/O. Prosser claims that this watch is not delayed but we don’t have a real date for when we can expect it from sources. That said if you look at the date on the watch faces, the next Sunday 24th of any month in 2022 is April, so maybe that’s it.

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