Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 6a Is NO Mid-Ranger, OnePlus 10 Pro Specs Detailed & more! (video)

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Let’s begin today with the European Parliament. Apparently they just passed a measure regarding large tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook, that would require their messaging apps to allow communication with other services. This means that all of these companies would have to figure out an universal communication method that ends up benefitting the user where it wouldn’t matter if you’re texting through Facebook, your iPhone or Android device and this would be set as a standard across the industry. Now, a ton of these laws don’t end up happening, but we have seen cases like Apple’s recently announced Self Service Repair which kind of took years of pressure. So yeah, let’s see if it evolves cause I’m honestly tired of having different apps to talk to different people.

Let’s move on to Apple and Apple Silicon but not for the reasons you’d think, this one’s about phones. According to a new report from Nikkei Asia, TSMC will begin producing Cupertino’s first in-house 5G modem chips for the iPhone in 2023. This move has reportedly been under development for a few years now which was only enhanced by Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s entire modem business, cause you’d think Intel would’ve been smarter about that. The report also mentions that they plan to adopt TSMC’s 4nm chip production technology in order to mass produce their first in-house 5G modem chip. And people familiar with the matter added that Apple is working on developing their own radio frequency and millimeter wave components to complement the modem and they’re also working on their own power management chip built specifically for this it. This also lines up with previous reports that claimed that Qualcomm would only handle 20% of the production of models for the 2023 iPhones as Cupertino begins their transition. Finally, Nikkei says that they’re currently using a 5nm process but they will shift to 4 as soon as that is available, for the modem at least as their A-Series chips will apparently be using 3nm architecture by then. So yeah, Apple is starting to own more and more of their stack so let’s see how that goes.

Let’s shift gears on to OnePlus 10 Pro and I’m really starting to believe those rumors of an early release because these rumors aren’t stopping. So far we’ve gotten multiple renders and some leaked specifications here and there but nothing too conclusive. Now, we have a complete spec list for the OnePlus 10 Pro that comes from OnLeaks and it shows some slight improvements over it’s predecessor. According to this list it’ll be powered by whatever the name of the next flagship processor is from Qualcomm. You’ll get options for 8 or 12 Gigs of RAM and either 128 or 256 Gigs of UFS 3.1 Storage. On the display front we’re getting a 6.7-inch QHD+ display at 120Hz and other details also include a 5000 mAh battery and an IP68 rating. When it comes to the camera, we’ll reportedly get a 48MP main sensor accompanied by a 50MP ultra wide, an 8MP telephoto and then a 32MP selfie shooter in the front. I know, wouldn’t those crazy pixels be better on that Telephoto? Other rumors suggest that we could expect 125W charging and as for the earlier release, it might just be in certain markets. Apparently it could be launched in China in January or February but other markets would have to wait until March or April as the chip shortage continues. Let’s see if it actually happens.

Finally, for the hottest news today, yes there’s more Google Pixel 6a leaks because that’s the way it goes. A couple of days ago we covered the design leaks and now, we have some more information on the internals. According to a new report from 9to5Google, we might not get a downgrade to a lighter version of the Tensor chip, meaning whatever the flagship 6 Series can do like like Voice Typing with the Google Assistant, Live HDR, Magic Eraser and others, this phone will also do.. Now as for the rumors we covered recently, there are some conflicts. This source claims that the cameras will change. A Google Camera APK shows that this phone is codenamed Bluejay and it is said to feature the same camera module we got from the Pixel 3 to the 5a… This means a 12.2MP main sensor and a 12MP ultra wide, both of those being built by Sony. On the other hand, the selfie shooter will be the same we get with the Pixel 6, maybe.

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