iOS 15.2 is out: Digital Legacy and everything else that’s new

iOS 15.2
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Apple has finally released iOS 15.2 to the general public. This is the second major update to iOS 15 and brings a lot of missing features that Apple initially announced for iOS 15 at WWDC 2021, such as Digital Legacy, App Privacy Reports, Apple Music Voice Plan, and more. If you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 15, you can head over to Settings → General → Software Update and install iOS 15.2 right now. Here is all you need to know about iOS 15.2.

Everything New in iOS 15.2

Legacy Contacts

digital legacy contacts ios 15
Source: MacRumors

One of the most interesting features that iOS 15.2 brings is “Legacy Contacts.” This feature will allow you to select a “trusted person” who can access your Apple ID and pass down your data (or “Digital Legacy”) after you pass away. The “trusted person” you select will have access to your photos, messages, notes, files, contacts, calendar events, apps, device backups, and more after presenting the documents of death to Apple. iCloud Keychain will, however, remain inaccessible to the “trusted person.”

If you wish to add a person as Legacy Contact on your iPhone, head over to ** Settings → Apple ID → Password and & Security → Legacy Contact‌**. In this section, you can select a contact as Legacy Contact who will require a password to access your data after you die. You can share the special access key through the Messages app on your iPhone or by printing it out.

App Privacy Report

app privacy report in iOS 15.2

Announced first at WWDC 2021, the App Privacy Report feature has been made available to the iPhone users with iOS 15.2. The new section in iOS 15 will allow users to see which app has accessed which resource, like location, photos, camera, contacts, and even the domains accessed across the last seven days.

By default, it is an opt-in feature meaning users will have to manually enable the feature from the Privacy settings of the iOS Settings app. After you enable the toggle and use the apps on your iPhone for some time, the data about which app is sending data to which server, what kind of resource (like camera and microphone) do they use, how frequently do they use, and more will begin showing up in this section.

Apple Music Voice Plan

apple music voice plan iOS 15.2
Source: Apple

Apple has also released the new Apple Music Voice Plan with iOS 15.2. Introduced in October, Apple Music Voice Plan will allow users to access the full music of Apple Music but only through Siri. While the standard version of Apple Music costs $9.99 per month, the Apple Music Voice Plan will cost the users only $4.99 per month. And now, the lower-priced tier will finally be available with iOS 15.2.

Communication Safety

Apple has also shipped the controversial child-safety feature with iOS 15.2. This feature will scan the messages images on children’s Apple devices for nudity and warn them if the image they’re about to see is harmful. This feature is opt-in and must be enabled by parents. Apple says all the detection is done offline on-device and the feature can be enabled only on children’s accounts.

Macro Mode Toggle for iPhone 13, Emergency SOS, Find My Lost Item Scanning, and More

Other features that iOS 15.2 brings is changes to the Emergency SOS on iPhone. Now, you can press the side button (lock button) multiple times to initiate Emergency SOS or press and hold down the side button and the volume button together to initiate it. An eight-second long countdown timer has also been added. In addition, Apple has also added a Macro Mode Toggle for iPhone 13 users in the settings of the Camera app. iOS 15.2 also a new option in the ‘Find My’ app that allows you to see a list of items, such as AirTag, that might be used to track your location. Hide My Email option has also been made available in the Mail app with iOS 15.2

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